Cybersecurity Solutions

As cybercrime goes rampant, cybersecurity threats should be a genuine concern for your business.

It can be hard to know what types of solutions there are, what solutions are necessary, and what solutions cause more problems.

This age is increasingly becoming digital. With the rise of online shopping, cryptocurrencies, and metaverses, people are spending more and more time and money online. According to TRT World, the average Internet user spends about 6 hr and 58 minutes online every day. But this means hackers are too.

Hackers will take advantage of the new possibilities to make money—and they already are. In the next 3 years, Cybersecurity Ventures expects the cost of cyberattacks to reach $10.5 trillion USD, which is up from $3 trillion USD in 2015.

As cybercrime goes rampant, cyber security threats should be a genuine concern for your business. You may have been ignoring the potential of getting cyber attacked, but you simply cannot avoid the problem any longer. It is time for you to start considering what your cyber security solution will be.

Many cybersecurity companies in USA offer their proposed cybersecurity solutions. But it can be hard to know what types of solutions there are, what solutions are necessary, and what solutions cause more problems. Fortunately, we have the answers you need! Keep reading to learn what you need to consider for your cybersecurity solutions.

Secure for the known, insure for the unknown

Your destination may be achieving compliance in industry certifications such as SOC2 or ISO27001, but it doesn’t stop there. With Trava, our modern tools can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be by giving you the control to assess your risk, repair the most vulnerable areas, and transfer risk through insurance.

Types of cyber security solutions

When working to secure your company from cyber threats, there are many types of cyber security solutions you will come across. But there are primarily 5 types of cyber security solutions that you need to be aware of for your company.

First, you need some network security. Without any security here, hackers can easily get from the Internet into your company’s network and wreak havoc. But, you can set up a barrier to protect your network from malware or other intruders on the internet.

Cloud storage is an easy way to store and share data, but it can be risky since it allows that information to be exploited by hackers. So, you need to secure your cloud with a cloud security platform to decrease the risk of data leaks.

The third type of cybersecurity is device security. If your company network was to be infiltrated, device security would limit the damages from that cyber attack. So, your company should have device security installed on individual devices to provide another wall of defense against cyber attacks.

Fourth, your company should ensure that your employees have application security. This is especially important if your company uses applications for communication or processing sensitive data. You need to ensure that the data within the application is not stolen.

Finally, you also need to consider human security. Human error is one of the main targets for cyberattacks, whether that is through phishing emails or malware-infected applications. In these cases, the only defense is training your employee force well so they can know how to detect cyber threats and avoid them.

Those are five broad types of cyber security your business can consider. And there are many types of cyber security tools that are designed to address these different areas of cyber security, Keep reading to discover some of these tools and how your business can use the in its cyber security.

Cybersecurity solutions

With an understanding of the five types of cybersecurity solutions, you can explore more specific cybersecurity solutions your business may need to invest in.

First, a great way to secure your network is with a firewall. Firewalls work by monitoring the traffic that comes in and out of your network, and they only allow the trusted sources through. They are a good defense against Trojan attacks or other malware that can come from other networks. A network security solutions company, like SHI international or Trava, can advise you further on how to secure your network.

For cloud security, you should encrypt your cloud access, especially when your employees send files back and forth through the cloud. This is one of the best ways to protect sensitive data from being seen, especially with modern-day encryption, which is difficult to break.

Installing antivirus software on your employee’s devices can provide another level of device protection. This is especially helpful for individual hacker threats, whether that is through email spam or surfing the Internet on an unsecured site, because network-wide protection does not always catch these threats. But antivirus software can protect against such cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity problems and solutions

While many cybersecurity solutions are helpful to prevent cyberattacks, they still have their weaknesses, and hackers are known for breaking through them. Especially with all the types of cybersecurity threats, it is impossible to have a perfect cyber security system. So, you need to know about some cyber security problems and solutions to those problems.

First, a firewall is a great solution to protecting your network from untrusted sources and networks. However, firewalls only guard against untrusted networks. If a Trojan or other malware attaches to a trusted network file, the Firewall will not detect it, and your network will be hacked. But there is a solution to that cyber security problem statement. Intrusion prevention systems look for data patterns that could indicate an intrusion on untrusted and trusted networks, so they protect your network from the risks that a firewall would miss.

Cloud encryption is a great way to protect your data, and a cyber security solutions company will typically recommend it. Yet, hackers can steal the encryption key. And that will usually be their aim because stealing the encryption key is much easier than cracking the encryption. To protect against this, your company should not allow employees to store the keys or passwords unguarded on their computers. Instead, the passwords could be encrypted themselves, or they should be kept on devices that have updated antivirus software and other security systems.

Finally, antivirus software is a good way to protect your company’s devices, but the software can slow your computer down because it consumes a large amount of your computer’s memory. To alleviate this slow operation, you can adjust when and how often the software is scanning your computer for viruses. With a slower scan frequency, your computer can still be protected and not run as slow. You might also adjust the intensity of the scans. This can reduce the amount of memory each scan uses and increase your computer’s operation speed.

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Biggest cybersecurity companies

With the knowledge you now have about cyber security solutions, the last step is to consider a cybersecurity company that could take your company’s security to the next level. Googling “cyber security companies near me” may not provide a quality comparison, but this guide can give you the information you need. It will focus on some of the biggest cybersecurity companies, so you can choose the company that will serve your organization best.

One large company is Kaspersky cybersecurity. They offer specialized security plans for small, medium, and large businesses. In these security plans, there are many products of varying prices that your company could choose from including Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Small Office Security, and Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. In Kaspersky’s plans, your business can purchase smaller security aspects and build the protection that you need.

Eset is another cybersecurity company with plans for businesses and enterprises with internet security solutions. With them, your company can protect its computers, laptops, and mobile devices through a cloud-based management console. They offer three levels of security offerings, and the most basic level includes Eset Protect Platform, Modern Endpoint Protect, and File Server Security. But the company recommends the next level up, Eset Protect Advances, which is similar to Eset Internet Security for home. At this level, your business can also have full disk encryption and advanced threat defense.

CyberProof is a security services company that tailors to large enterprises. They will intelligently magnate your organization’s incident detection and response, aiming to reduce the cost and time needed to respond to security threats. With this company, your organization can have Managed Security Services, Enhanced Serviced, Advisory Services, or Azure Security Services. Each of these services has varying benefits, and you can choose the one that best meets your business needs.

Syxsence offers artificial intelligence technology that helps businesses predict and remove security threats. The possible security plans are Syxense Manage, Syxense Secure, Syxsence Active Manage, and Syxsence Active Secure. Their most popular plan, Syxense Secure, uniquely combines vulnerability scanning, patch management, and endpoint security that can all be managed from a single could console.

Finally, Palo Alto Networks has a large range of offerings. As a global cybersecurity leader, they have different security packages for businesses of all sizes. Their packages and security solutions include Network Security, Cloud Delivery Security, Endpoint Security, and more. Their offerings help companies stop threats, secure hybrid workforces, and respond to threats faster.

But there are relatively few cyber security companies for small businesses specifically. While many of those companies reviewed above offer plans for the smaller businesses, they also have plans for large businesses, which means they do not devote their expertise to small businesses. That is where Trava is unique.

Trava is designed specifically to work for growth-oriented small and medium-sized businesses. We offer assessments to determine where your business is vulnerable—investigating technical environments as well as process weaknesses. We also provide vCISO insights to help your business mitigate the risk of cyberattacks. Our service plans include offerings for SaaS leaders, compliance, managed service providers, and insurance. We want your business to turn cyber risk management into a strategic advantage so you can stay ahead of cyber threats—and your competition.

Now, you are equipped with a knowledge of cyber security solutions and the options your business has to fully establish strong cybersecurity. If you are ready to put this knowledge into action, contact Trava and see how we can specifically help your business’s cyber security. Book a demo with us today!