Do you know your Cyber Risk Score?

Let's face it. The cybersecurity space is complicated! Hackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and it can be difficult to keep your web presence secure, and that's just from the threats you know about! What about all the vulnerabilities that you don't know about? The good news is that you can run our short assessment and receive a Cyber Risk Score that details where your web site is most vulnerable. Here's how it works.

Getting your free Cyber Risk Score is as easy.

Step 01

Fill out our short form with your name, company name, the domain you would like to perform a cyber risk analysis on. Enter the email address that you would like the Cyber Risk Report to be sent to.

‍NOTE: This must be an email address that you have access to since you will be asked to verify the email address in step 2.

Step 02

After you fill out the form, check your inbox and verify your email address. This step allows us to verify your identity so that we can send you the Cyber Risk Report.

Step 03

Once you verify your email address, our software will begin a vulnerability scan of your website (which could take up to 5 minutes). Once the scan is complete, you will receive an email containing your report and your Cyber Risk Score.