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How PureInsights Elevated Security Standards and Market Presence Through ISO 27001 Certification

by Trava, Cyber Risk Management

PureInsights achieves ISO 27001 certification with Trava, enhancing security standards and market visibility. Streamlined compliance processes and a trusted partnership set the stage for future success.

About PureInsights

Founded in 2016, PureInsights stands as a distinguished marketplace partner for Genesys, specializing in cloud contact center analytics. With a commitment to excellence, PureInsights has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge solutions, driving innovation in the realm of cloud contact center analytics.

The Challenge

Despite having a strong security base and a cloud-native SaaS architecture, PureInsights encountered a major challenge in navigating extensive compliance processes with their prospective customers. The difficulty arose because these processes were manual and one-off each time, taking up significant time and needing extensive documentation to meet various customer infosec needs. The relatively small team faced a substantial workload as a result, especially when engaging large enterprise prospects in regulated industries like healthcare and financial services and in international markets such as the EU, where privacy and infosec are even more stringent.

"Before ISO27001, PureInsights earned the trust of over 300 global clients, including industry leaders like the world's largest insurance company, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Macy's, and Whirlpool. Our strong InfoSec standards reflect our commitment to security and we tended to pass infosec and compliance questionnaires with flying colors with prospects. However, without that ISO27k1 certification, we have no idea how many prospects around the globe never gave us a chance."

- Rick McGlinchey, Co-Founder, PureInsights

The Solution

Discovery and Partnership

The journey with Trava began when PureInsights was introduced by Powderkeg. Seeking an InfoSec partner, PureInsights engaged with Trava to navigate the complexities of ISO 27001 compliance.

Trava's Role: ISO 27001 Certification

Under the guidance of Trava, PureInsights embarked on the ISO 27001 certification journey. Jim Goldman, Trava CEO and Co-founder, helped PureInsights align ISO 27001 requirements with their business specifics. The collaboration utilized Trava's platform for assessments, scanning, and configuration evaluations.

PureInsights runs routine vulnerability scans in the Trava platform. The combination of those scans and Trava’s cybersecurity surveys, guided the Trava team to develop a BCRA (baseline cyber risk assessment), risk register, and risk mitigation roadmap. The documents are key deliverables for ISO 27001.

The collaboration with Trava had several notable benefits.

  1. Enhanced Visibility: ISO 27001 certification became a valuable sales tool, improving PureInsights' visibility on platforms like the Genesys marketplace.

  2. Efficiency Gains: The platform's scanning and assessment capabilities identified areas for improvement, allowing PureInsights to make adjustments promptly.

  3. Trusted Partnership: The guidance and expertise of Trava's team ensured a smooth certification process.

"Under Jim's guidance, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the application of ISO 27001 to our business. ISO 27001, with its multiple modules, was initially complex, but Jim facilitated the process by assisting us in identifying the specific modules relevant to our operations. Subsequently, Trava efficiently guided us through the implementation phase, providing valuable insights and leveraging the Carbide platform, thereby streamlining the certification process. Thanks to this partnership we completed our first audit with zero findings."

- Rick McGlinchey, Co-Founder, PureInsights

The Relationship Continues: Expansion to SOC 2

Due to the success of ISO 27001 certification, PureInsights is now actively working with Trava on achieving SOC 2 compliance. With the foundational work completed, the SOC 2 process is anticipated to be a seamless transition.

"You can’t get a better team than Trava and Jim is absolutely amazing as our fractional CISO. There's no easier, better, or faster solution. Talk to Trava, and do it," says Rick.

The partnership between PureInsights and Trava exemplifies how a strategic approach to cybersecurity compliance can transform a company's operations. Trava's expertise, coupled with a comprehensive platform, enabled PureInsights to not only achieve ISO 27001 certification but also paved the way for future compliance endeavors.


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