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Champion's Rapid Compliance Journey with Trava

by Trava, Cyber Risk Management

Experience Champion's rapid compliance journey with Trava, streamlining ISO 27001 certification and enhancing market credibility. With expert guidance and tailored solutions, Champion efficiently achieved compliance, laying a strong foundation for future cybersecurity endeavors.

About Champion

Champion is a B2B SaaS company specializing in customer marketing and success. The customer marketing platform creates post-sale marketing programs that generate new growth for enterprise-level businesses.

The Challenge

As a new player in the market, Champion recognized the critical importance of cybersecurity before the company officially launched.

Courtney Crispin, CTO and Co-founder of Champion, stated: “We started thinking about cybersecurity before we officially started. In early conversations, we were getting a lot of questions about security.” These prospective companies were also in a place where vendor security was of the utmost importance. Security compliance, specifically ISO 27001, became imperative to establish trust and credibility for Champion.

However, the Champion team knew they needed guidance to build security from the beginning and sought out a team of professionals.

The Solution

Champion engaged with Trava for guidance and support in navigating the complex cybersecurity and compliance landscape. Trava's expertise and tailored solutions were instrumental in streamlining the compliance process.

Key Benefits

  1. Expert Guidance: Trava provided expert guidance throughout the compliance journey, helping Champion understand the intricacies of ISO 27001 and later GDPR requirements.

  2. Efficiency: With Trava's support, Champion achieved ISO 27001 certification in a remarkably condensed timeline, ensuring compliance within stringent deadlines.

  3. Comprehensive Solutions: Trava's services extended beyond consultation, encompassing internal audits, incident response planning, and tabletop exercises, ensuring holistic compliance readiness. Trava’s product also brought value by running essential scans that are needed for the compliance audit.

  4. Ongoing Support: Beyond initial certification, Trava continues to support Champion with quarterly security council meetings, tabletop exercises, and preparation for re-audits, ensuring continuous compliance.

"If we didn't have Trava, the process would've been a much longer haul. Their support was instrumental in guiding us through efficiently, ensuring we didn't get bogged down in complexities. Having a vCISO in our back pocket when needed added invaluable reassurance."

Courtney Crispin
CTO and Co-founder,

The Results

Champion's collaboration with Trava yielded tangible results, including swift ISO 27001 certification with minimal non-conformities, strengthening their credibility and market positioning. The ongoing partnership ensures sustained compliance and reinforces Champion's commitment to security and data protection.

"Without Trava's support, achieving the same level of efficiency and quality would have been a shot in the dark. It's hard to gauge how much time we saved precisely, but I can confidently say their guidance was indispensable in ensuring we completed the process swiftly and effectively." Courtney Crispin, CTO and Co-founder, Champion

Future Outlook

With ISO 27001 successfully implemented, Champion is now turning to Trava for support in navigating GDPR requirements. As regulations continue to evolve, Trava's expertise and tailored solutions position Champion to maintain compliance and effectively tackle future challenges.


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