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Ensuring your systems are secure is more important than ever.

Cyber security is on the rise and the methods attackers are using are becoming more and more complex each day. One of the most used access points for attacks is websites and website applications.


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Ensuring your systems are secure is more important than ever. Cybersecurity is on the rise and the methods attackers are using are becoming more and more complex each day. One of the most used access points for attacks is websites and website applications. Utilizing a website vulnerability scanner can help you understand where and how your web applications are at risk.

If you Google, “website scanner” you are going to get a mix of helpful security tools and SEO tools that won’t be too useful when trying to secure your data. You need to know exactly what to look for when it comes to a website malware scanner. Google is great at a lot of things, as long as you can be specific with your searches.

Free website vulnerability scanner tools are not difficult to find, but the quality of them vary. Others offer a URL scanner online, free for you to use on sites you might be visiting. For example, the Sucuri website scan is free, but vulnerability scanners for your own sites are not. Be aware of the difference as you begin your search for a website scanner online.

It is also important to remember that a website vulnerability scanner is different from a network vulnerability scanner. Network scanners check your security against a database of known vulnerabilities while a website scanner looks for coding flaws that make it vulnerable to attack. Though they are different, they are very much related and many companies offering one will also have the other available too.

This article will outline some of the benefits of using a website vulnerability scanner, how exactly they work to provide those benefits, and some of the best options for both paid and free tools.

Secure for the known, insure for the unknown

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Website Security Check

Website security testing tools are very useful for both consumers and businesses. Consumers know how to check if a website is safe to buy from and where to find the tools to do so. It is up to businesses to make sure they meet these standards and can often use the same methods to manage their website vulnerability.

As stated above, the free Sucuri site check allows for anyone to check virtually any site to see how safe it is to input any personal information. Anyone can use this website security check online, free of charge. This means your own sites need to be checked and patched accordingly.

Some experts do prefer to make use of a website security check free to the public as it will give them the information that anyone else can get too. This is effective because you will be able to see what vulnerabilities the customer will see and be most concerned about.

For another easily accessible website security check, Google is constantly scanning sites for malware and other threats to flag them on their searches. This is a decent first indication of vulnerabilities, but isn’t as in-depth as dedicated scanners. Consider specialized commercial website security checks if you really want the best idea of your vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Scanner Tools

Commercial vulnerability scanner tools are specifically designed and constantly updated to keep up with the methods hackers use to infiltrate your systems. When it comes to vulnerability scanner tools online, there are a lot to sort through. A top 10 vulnerability scanning tools list is a good place to start, and there will be a top 5 vulnerability assessment tools list provided below. The network vulnerability scanning tools are often rolled in with the commercial tools. Remember this as you decide whether you want to pay for a scanner or use a free online version.

If you are leaning towards free vulnerability scanning tools, open source options are a good place to start. They are reputable and customizable given your team has the coding knowledge to alter the tool. Open source tools are available to everyone for free and offer a unique feature with their code being public knowledge. This means you can tailor them to your needs if you know how to work them. Keep in mind, you don’t need to mess with the code to use these tools.

If you don’t have the knowledge for customizing code for open source tools, there are vulnerability scanner tools free to the public that work very well too. As stated above, these tools are often used by consumers as well as professionals. This allows for organizations to get the same information their customers have access to. This means you can patch the specific vulnerabilities that are most concerning to the customer. The problem is that there may be more complex issues that don’t get noticed by free scans that can leave your site vulnerable.

The companies that develop these tools are usually specialized cybersecurity companies. It's likely that the best vulnerability scanner 2021 had to offer will be at the top of the list for 2022 as well. These tools get updated to combat the evolving hacking techniques, and these companies stay ahead of the curve better than anyone.

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Best Web Vulnerability Scanner

Most companies that are invested in securing their information and websites want the best web vulnerability scanner available. The problem is that this is a pretty subjective title. Looking for the best scanning tools online might turn up a few options for which is best. You ultimately have to decide for yourself which tool best fits your needs.

One example of a tool you will find on most lists you’ll find in your research, is the PortSwigger Burp Suite. This company (PortSwigger) offers a variety of cybersecurity tools, including their Burp Suite website vulnerability testing tools. They have different levels of software available for purchase, including a free option as well. The most important thing to remember about any company offering scanning tools is that the best of what they have to offer is going to cost you something.

Free versions of these tools are often designed to do the basics but might not be enough help unless you pay for the better versions of the tools. Be sure to read carefully as you go through and try to select a tool that meets your needs. Make sure you are getting your website vulnerability scanner free, not a watered down version of the paid software.

The most effective website vulnerability scanner online is one that will offer you a range of assessments and scanning tools for one price. Paying for each scanner or test individually can get expensive, so look into package deals for a more cost-effective solution. Trava Security offers a range of packages that offer website security testing tools alongside a catalog of other cybersecurity tools. Bundling services, like Tarva does, allows you to secure your websites and your network as a whole much easier than piecing together free tools and hoping they can keep you protected.

Best Free Online Website Vulnerability Scanner

As stated earlier in the article, the best free online website vulnerability scanner is one that offers everything for free, rather than a watered down version that you have to pay later to get the most out of. Acunetix web vulnerability scanner is a good example of just that. A very powerful tool in its full paid version, the free version is just a demo to push for the sale of the full product later on.

There are free website security testing tools that offer their full functionality from the start. Many of the open source tools you can find online are at full strength right after installation. The best free online vulnerability scanners are those like Sucuri, Quterra, and AsafaWeb. They are simple to operate without sacrificing too much in detailed reporting.

Determining whether you need to stick to the free website scanners or pay for a commercial product entirely depends on your company’s needs. Understanding what your system is vulnerable to takes more than just a website scan. For website vulnerability scans and all of your cybersecurity testing needs, Trava is here for you. Click here to learn more.