Cybersecurity Platform

A cybersecurity platform is used to manage your cybersecurity network and make sure it is secure.

A cybersecurity platform is designed to give businesses a way to integrate security visibility, analysis, and controls.


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Cybersecurity is one of the largest growing industries in the online market. A cybersecurity platform is used to manage your cybersecurity network and make sure it is secure. A cybersecurity platform is designed to give businesses a way to integrate security visibility, analysis, and controls across an array of security layers and data sources while enhancing protection, scalability, and performance. Companies such as Defendify work to have all of your data and information stored in a secure place.

The people who make sure these platforms are functional and up to snuff are cybersecurity engineers. They work within the NIST cybersecurity framework to make sure that the necessary requirements are met. Cybersecurity Engineering involves creating and managing hardware, software, and security policies for the protection of systems, networks, and data.

Cyber engineers incorporate electrical engineering and computer science to understand cyberspace. Without engineers like this working to advance the field of cybersecurity, you and your business would be able to stay on top of future cybersecurity threats and protect yourself from hackers looking to infiltrate your system. Take a minute, if you could, and imagine a world without cybersecurity. Do you think everyone would be able to maintain the privacy and security of their personal data? It is highly unlikely due to the desire of hackers to gain and maintain access to your personal systems.

One organization that works within these principles to create an inclusive cybersecurity platform is Trend Micro. Trend Micro deep security systems work comprehensively to serve the larger purpose of keeping your company’s data secure through both its network security services and its hybrid cloud security platform. They blocked over 94 billion threats to their consumer's systems and helped protect over 500,000 organizations globally. They state that “Centralized visibility, market-leading extended detection and response (XDR), continuous threat assessment, and integration with third-party security tools reduce operational costs by 63% and deliver better risk insights for your security team.”

Secure for the known, insure for the unknown

Your destination may be achieving compliance in industry certifications such as SOC2 or ISO27001, but it doesn’t stop there. With Trava, our modern tools can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be by giving you the control to assess your risk, repair the most vulnerable areas, and transfer risk through insurance.

Cybersecurity Packages

We at Trava want to ensure that every aspect that you may need to cover is a part of your policy and we do our best to create packages that would specifically work for you. We offer cybersecurity packages for SaaS leaders, investors, and managed service providers. Our IT support packages prices start at $99 and other packages can be added on for an additional price. If you contact us, we can also discuss options for bulk pricing options.

A great resource that we offer for our customers is access to our blog, which you are reading right now! Part of the blog is providing information about better cybersecurity strategies to ensure your cyber safety. Another purpose is to relay cybersecurity news as we hear about it and how the impacts in the market can impact you. This includes updates on complicity and NIST requirements, new research on cybersecurity, and up-to-date information on ongoing cybersecurity issues.

The market is full of cybersecurity companies and you may want to make sure that your company is domestic. The best thing to do would be to look into USA-based cybersecurity companies. Birmingham, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, New York, and many other cities have cybersecurity companies based in their areas. A struggle that many people face when looking into cybersecurity platforms is the concern that they will be outsourced to outside countries for their customer service, and that representatives will not be able to fully assist them as they are not located domestically. We at Trava are based in Indianapolis and are proud to serve you domestically with customer service representatives that can respond to any concern.

Cybersecurity Assessment

An important part of looking at cybersecurity is investigating your current level of cybersecurity and how secure your data actually is. A cybersecurity assessment can be used to assess your risk for cybersecurity threats and the potential impact of threats that could disrupt your business. We at Trava offer a free cybersecurity assessment right on our website that can assist you in seeing your cybersecurity risks. The cybersecurity assessment test directly tests your system's breathability and how potential threats could easily (or not so easily) infiltrate your system.

Our cybersecurity assessment template follows the NIST guidelines for the current year and we use those requirements to guide our assessment in assessing your risk score. We use that score to help you navigate what changes need to be made to better protect your system. We can use this information to help guide you through potential insurance options and cybersecurity packages that would benefit you. Not many other cybersecurity companies offer you this kind of personalized experience based on your pre existing systems. And while many other companies may offer a similar tool, they do not offer it for free and incorporate it into the overview of your potential policy with us.

This personalized experience benefits you more than trying to navigate through our different cybersecurity packages on your own and guess what you think you need based on your own personal assessment, which may be skewed if you are not completely aware of your cybersecurity plan. You may not be aware of some specific issues that may be hiding in your company’s systems and how that could affect your overall cybersecurity and risk management.

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Is Cybersecurity Hard?

You may be concerned about all of this information. A question that may be running through your head is “Is cybersecurity hard?” Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you are invested in the protection cybersecurity can give you and are open to learning more about cybersecurity and what issues are going on within the world of cybersecurity. There are many tools out there that can help you better understand the principles of cybersecurity. The goal of these tools is to help you better understand the main issues that cybersecurity manages and how you can better protect yourself and your company from being potential targets for cyber attacks.

The tools that we offer, such as the cybersecurity assessment template and the free cybersecurity assessment screening, are there to help you make the first steps into making your business more secure. Part of your package can include employee training for your entire organization to make sure that they are all on the same page about their role in keeping your business safe and so that all of them have the same level of understanding of cybersecurity.

Another beneficial tool that you could look into is the training video. Cybersecurity training videos for employees are readily accessible online, but some organizations will offer personalized training videos that will directly align with your cybersecurity policies and package offerings. There may also be offerings for satellite training conducted over video call or on location at your business.

Open Source Cybersecurity Tools

If you are interested in some open source tools to help keep you protected while you weigh cybersecurity package options, there are several tools available online, many of which are for free. Open-source cybersecurity tools allow enterprises to strengthen their security posture at a low CapEx, provided they have the requisite technical expertise. Even if you are looking for just the basics of cybersecurity and how it works, there is information that is available online. One such resource is a cybersecurity tools pdf from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) that specifically targets cybersecurity tools and how they can be used by small businesses.

You can use these open-source cybersecurity tools to learn more about how cybersecurity works and the exact workings of the world of keeping data systems safe. Some of the simplest tools that you can incorporate into your cybersecurity operations are updating your software (and doing so regularly), requiring strong passwords, encrypting your company’s devices, backing up important files, and the use of multifactor authentication for platforms your company uses.

We understand that the larger realm of cybersecurity can be confusing and feel overwhelming, but we are here to help make it simple and easy. Whether you are just starting out and want to make sure your future efforts are secure, or you are looking to find a better solution than the one you are currently using, we at Trava can assist you in finding the right platform and packages that will suit your needs. We want to make sure that you are getting the best experience possible that will carry your business forward to the next level, and keep you safe every step of the way. If you want to learn more about Trava or book a free demo with us, look here!