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Trava makes it easy to identify cyber threats, reduce risk, and prepare you to mitigate those risks so your business not only survives—it thrives.


In order to manage cyber risk, you first have to understand where your business is most vulnerable.

Trava’s automated assessment platform combines extensive scanning of technical environments with detailed surveys to evaluate people and process weaknesses. Get a complete, unified view of your cyber risk so you know where to focus your risk management efforts.

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Direct Customer Packaging - Feature Overview


Platform Access (Surveys & CRC)

Scanning + Phishing Subscription

Insurance Renewal Report

API Access

Custom Reporting


Risk Register

  • A directory of identified risks & their impact/likelihood based on organizational practices.

Mitigation Roadmap

  • A roadmap of action items that can be taken to mitigate vulnerabilities and risks found from surveys and scans.

Baseline Cyber Risk Assessment

  • A comprehensive assessment that outlines an organization’s cyber risk posture. This report aggregates vulnerability scan and security control implementations to create a detailed report of an organization’s security program.

Security Awareness Training Seats

  • Licenses for a security awareness training platform. There, organizations are able to participate in and customize cybersecurity training and education.


Security Council Meetings
  • Quarterly security council meetings to identify key objectives towards security and compliance goals, review progress towards project goals, identify roadblock and dependencies, align security programs with corporate initiatives.

Incident Response Policy

  • Develop a plan to respond to security incidents that may jeopardize security and ensure business continuity.

Security Support Expertise

  • Basic: In-product chat support & email support available between 9:00am - 5:00pm EST time with a Trava Security Specialist

  • Advanced: In-product chat, email, & scheduled phone/Zoom support available between 9:00am - 5:00pm EST with a Trava Security Specialist


Onboarding+ Product Facilitation

  • On-demand: Pre-recorded training video within the Trava platform

  • Basic: Includes initial implementation, configuration, & one (1) live training session of the Trava platform & GRC platform purchased through Trava (as applicable). Includes access to on-demand training video.

  • Advanced: Includes initial implementation, configuration, & unlimited training sessions for Trava platform & GRC platform purchased through Trava (as applicable). Includes access to on-demand training video.