Unmasking the Truth: Data Protection and Cybersecurity Risks in the Tech Industry

the Tea on Cybersecurity

Explore the Intersection of Data Protection and Cybersecurity on The Tea on Cybersecurity.

"The more data you have, the more painful it's going to be if you mess up your cybersecurity and all that leaks out."

On the most recent episode of The Tea on Cybersecurity, host Jara Rowe is joined by Chris Vannoy from The Juice, a renowned MarTeach firm, to dive into a discussion about data protection.

Chris underscores the significance of SOC2 processes in ensuring data precision and controlling access, while also tackling the tough task of juggling ethical and legal restrictions with the growing need for customer data in the face of evolving privacy conditions.

He offers a word of caution to companies about the importance of thoughtful data gathering and sharing protocols, emphasizing security from the get-go. The conversation also touches on the need for faith in vendors, the value of certifications like SOC2 or ISO, the privacy expectations among tech engineers, and the changing public attitude towards privacy, influenced by GDPR and the advent of new tech.

This episode underscores the crucial necessity for enterprises to protect their data in order to adhere to privacy regulations.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. What MarTech software is and how it can assist marketers in their work.

  2. The different security measures for different data levels.

  3. Precautions to prevent data from leaving the system.

  4. How to balance ethics, regulations, and customer expectations in MarTech

  5. Practical tips for breaking bad habits and implementing security measures

The Tea on Cybersecurity

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