Understanding Cybersecurity Frameworks and Certifications

the Tea on Cybersecurity

In this episode, host Jara Rowe is once again joined by cyber risk specialist Scott Schlimmer with a deep dive into the world of compliance frameworks and certifications. Listen as we explain the challenges of compliance and non-compliance with certification programs in cybersecurity.

Learn which regulated industries must follow specific frameworks and how noncompliance can affect business opportunities and your bottom line. We also unravel Fedramp, CMMC, CCPA, and CPRA, offering a clearer understanding of their cybersecurity roles.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to follow a compliance framework without having the certification, though having the certification can demonstrate to partners and customers that your organization has strong cybersecurity measures.

  • The significance of certifications and the value of the NIST framework as a reliable source for general cybersecurity best practices.

  • What the legal and financial consequences of noncompliance for different industries may be, such as failing to follow frameworks like Fedramp or CMMC when working with the government.

The Tea on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity—a word we hear all the time. Show of hands for those that actually understand what it means.

The Tea on Cybersecurity is here to help educate the newbs on what cybersecurity is, why it is important, and everything in between. The Tea on Cybersecurity is for everyone, but especially those small and medium-sized businesses that are starting their journey in building a cyber risk management program. Each show is about 15 minutes long to deliver you with the facts and less fluff.