Starting a Security Program by Choice or by Force with Trava’s Marie Joseph

the Tea on Cybersecurity, Episode 1.09

Marie talks all about when to start a security program, how to keep up with changes, and what it looks like for a company being ‘forced’ to start a cyber security program.

“Two-thirds of small, medium-sized businesses are the ones that are most attacked. Hackers specifically look for these!”

Marie Joseph, the Security Solutions Engineer at Trava, specializes in helping companies start their security program, and/or help mature it. With the rise in attacks of cyber security in businesses, Marie talks all about when the appropriate time to start a security program to avoid any pitfalls, how to keep up with security and technological changes, and what it looks like for a company being ‘forced’ to start a cyber security program. Listen in as Marie dives into all of these aspects while providing tips to keep your technology and business safe.

What You’ll Learn in this episode:

  • Suggested timeframe to start cyber security to avoid any attacks on your business
  • The five components to a strong cyber security program that every business needs to look at
  • Whether you should start a cyber security program out of force from a regulatory agency, or out of wanting to for your own sake

Things to listen for:

[02:28] The various stages where businesses start their security programs

[03:34] Ways cyber-risk has been changing

[05:06] What it looks like to be ‘forced’ into a security program

[06:39] Key components to a strong cybersecurity program

[08:18] Regulatory agencies and compliance certificates

[09:42] One thing a cybersecurity plan MUST have

[11:54] Cybersecurity predictions over the next 5 years

[13:12] Closing thoughts

The Tea on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity—a word we hear all the time. Show of hands for those that actually understand what it means.

The Tea on Cybersecurity is here to help educate the newbs on what cybersecurity is, why it is important, and everything in between. The Tea on Cybersecurity is for everyone, but especially those small and medium-sized businesses that are starting their journey in building a cyber risk management program. Each show is about 15 minutes long to deliver you with the facts and less fluff.

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