Prioritize Your Cyber Security: Unveiling the Power of Cyber Risk Assessments

the Tea on Cybersecurity

Discover why small and medium businesses are prime targets for cyber-attacks and how cyber risk assessments can safeguard your business.

“A cyber risk assessment is nothing more than a diagnosis.”

As a small or medium business, you may assume you’re not a primary target for cyber attacks. Cybersecurity expert and CEO & Co-Founder of Trava Security Jim Goldman reveals that small and medium businesses are actually more likely targets than large enterprise customers.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a brand-new startup, it's time to take a proactive approach to your cyber security with cyber risk assessments. In this episode, you'll discover the essential frameworks and standards needed to prioritize vulnerabilities and maintain an acceptable level of risk exposure. Don't wait until it's too late–learn how to safeguard your business today.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. Cyber risk assessments like going to the doctor for a diagnosis or annual physical.
  2. The type of cyber risk assessment you need is dependent on the type of framework you want a certificate in.
  3. Prioritize the vulnerabilities exposed in a cyber risk assessment by potential impact.

Things to listen for:

[02:00] Why it’s crucial for companies of all sizes to conduct cyber risk assessments

[10:45] What information a cyber risk assessment uncovers

[13:25] How frameworks and risk assessments work together

[14:30] How to prioritize the vulnerabilities uncovered in a cyber risk assessment

The Tea on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity—a word we hear all the time. Show of hands for those that actually understand what it means.

The Tea on Cybersecurity is here to help educate the newbs on what cybersecurity is, why it is important, and everything in between. The Tea on Cybersecurity is for everyone, but especially those small and medium-sized businesses that are starting their journey in building a cyber risk management program. Each show is about 15 minutes long to deliver you with the facts and less fluff.