Locking Down Your Virtual Office: Cyber Security for Remote Workers

the Tea on Cybersecurity

Remote work's impact on cybersecurity is front and center as we explore the transformed landscape of data protection. Join us for expert insights on adapting security controls, preventing insider threats, and ensuring the safety of your digital assets in a virtual world.

"The shift to remote work has transformed the cybersecurity landscape, forcing companies to rethink their approach to protecting their attack surface."

In this episode of The Tea on Cybersecurity, Jara Rowe sits down with Trava Senior Security Engineer Anh Pham to discuss the blend of remote work and cybersecurity.

The shift to remote work has significantly transformed the cybersecurity landscape, forcing companies and cybersecurity professionals to rethink their approach to protecting their data and assets. Due to this, businesses face unique cybersecurity challenges. To address these challenges, organizations need to enforce security controls at the device and user level, consider individual protection for each tool and resource, and implement strong access management policies and identity management tools.

Join us as Anh dishes practical tips for beginners, ensuring you're armed with the know-how to stay safe in the virtual world.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The challenges businesses face and how they're adapting their security controls to protect against cyber threats in the remote work environment.
  • How businesses can protect their sensitive resources and prevent insider threats.
  • Methods and approaches businesses can take to keep their files and content secure.

The Tea on Cybersecurity

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