Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Not an Option, It’s Essential

the Tea on Cybersecurity

In this episode of The Tea on Cybersecurity, VP of Customer Success at Carbide, Kathy Issac, joins host Jara Rowe to discuss the ins and outs of cybersecurity awareness training and why every company must partake in it.

"Cybersecurity awareness training is not about creating cybersecurity experts. It's about making staff and stakeholders aware of the threats and how to respond to them."

As the world leans increasingly into technology, cybersecurity awareness training is crucial for businesses and individuals. Without this training, companies are putting their business at risk for malicious attacks, data breaches, and cyber threats.

Join us as Kathy shares how to engage your company in this training effectively, the secrets to tailoring this practice to different audiences for effectiveness, and what could go wrong if not taught properly.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What cybersecurity training is and why it’s important to tailor it to different audiences.

  • Common but detrimental mistakes that companies make when it comes to cybersecurity awareness training.

  • Why cybersecurity awareness training is crucial for remote work.

The Tea on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity—a word we hear all the time. Show of hands for those that actually understand what it means.

The Tea on Cybersecurity is here to help educate the newbs on what cybersecurity is, why it is important, and everything in between. The Tea on Cybersecurity is for everyone, but especially those small and medium-sized businesses that are starting their journey in building a cyber risk management program. Each show is about 15 minutes long to deliver you with the facts and less fluff.