[Seattle, WA, October 2023] - A consortium of seasoned professionals, including Jim Goldman (CEO of Trava Security and former CISO at ExactTarget), Andrew Beers (former CTO of Tableau), Manny Rivera (former CMO at Aon Affinity), Peggy Tsai (CDO of BigID), and Wendy Turner-Williams (former CDAO of Tableau), have inaugurated TheAssociation, a global nonprofit aimed at steering ethical and quality-driven practices in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related domains.

TheAssociation is a nonprofit organization committed to establishing community, and ethical implementation standards while fostering innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data, Ethics, Privacy, Robotics, and Security.

“One only has to look at the social media and Hill debacles to realize that regulators do not understand data or the concept of cloud services. The BigTech companies provide a service, they do not own the data pumping through those services. For too long, we have practiced in our silos, focused on execution in our roles,” said Wendy Turner-Williams, CEO of TheAssociation. “As we enter the AI era, and unleash the power of data, it’s us—the practitioners working in these fields—who own the data, the models, the governance, the life cycle, the policy, the security, and the trust. We must unite to create one practitioner voice that guides ethical AI and data forward.”

Driven by practitioners for practitioners, our goal is to champion partnership among industry experts, BigTech, and regulators to emphasize responsible Data and AI practices to drive industries forward responsibly. TheAssociation cultivates a safe, neutral platform for community collaboration, education, career exploration, networking, and thought leadership, amplifying individual impacts and opportunities.

Jim Goldman, CEO of Trava Security, brings to TheAssociation a wealth of expertise in cybersecurity and a robust history of leadership in data protection. His participation underscores Trava Security’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding data and ensuring its ethical use, aligning seamlessly with the mission of TheAssociation to navigate the complexities and challenges of data management and AI in a globally connected era.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer in the fields, there’s a place for you at TheAssociation.

About TheAssociation:

TheAssociation is a nonprofit business association dedicated to AI, Data, Ethics, Privacy, Robotics, and Security, with a mission to set ethical principles and drive innovation in these dynamic domains. With an emphasis on united efforts to tackle challenges and opportunities in AI and Data, TheAssociation is shaping the future of these industries for the betterment of mankind. Learn more at https://theassociation.ai/.