NEW YORK, NY: Limit launches its partnership with Trava Security (Trava) to deliver cyber posture and threat assessment reporting to their clients. As of March 16th, 2023, all Limit customers will receive a free Trava Cyber Risk (CRC) Assessment with each of their submissions on the platform. The CRC Assessment provides the insured with an in-depth look into their external cyber security posture with actionable insights presented in easy-to-understand language. Limit customers can access the report via their Dashboard and will receive recommendations to help strengthen their security posture.

In addition to the assessment, Trava offers an extensive suite of tools for improving the insured’s overall security posture based on top-down & bottom-up organizational level analysis. Trava’s virtual chief information security officers can also provide expert guidance to help insureds prioritize action items and plan their cybersecurity investments.

Some areas of Trava specialties

  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • Cyber Risk Management Program
  • Cyber Policies and Standards
  • SOC2 and ISO 27001 Readiness
  • Vulnerability Scan Analysis & Action Plan
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Cyber Due Diligence‍

"We are proud to announce our partnership with Limit, a leader in the market, to empower retail agents and their clients with the right tools for proactive cyber insurance quoting,” says Ryan Dunn, Director of Insurance at Trava. “With this partnership, we are excited to bring back control of cyber insurance underwriting to the retail agent and their clients. This is just the beginning of our joint effort to revolutionize the cyber insurance market."‍

"We are very excited to be launching our product partnership with Trava” said Yoav Shaked, COO of Limit. “Offering this assessment is another major step in our continuing mission to strengthen the cyber security posture of our retailer’s insureds and procure the best cyber insurance on their behalf with by submitting high quality applications. We look forward to continuing to grow with Trava.”

About Trava

Trava was founded by Jim Goldman and Rob Beeler to protect businesses and insurance agencies from the potential damage of cyber threats. By integrating risk assessment, risk mitigation, and cyber insurance renewal preparation into one, convenient, comprehensive cyber risk management platform, Trava enables business owners and IT professionals to operate secure, productive businesses without fear of interruption or loss caused by cyber incidents. To learn more, visit

About Limit

Founded by insurtech veterans, Limit is a digital wholesaler that integrates retail brokers with carriers for both their admitted and E&S needs. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and data, we enable our clients to close deals faster, minimize errors, and equip them with powerful insights to increase sales. To learn more about Limit, visit