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MetaCX: Building Trust with Customers Through Security

by Trava, Cyber Risk Management

MetaCX knew they needed to expand, add depth, and strengthen their cyber risk management strategy, which is when they engaged with Trava.

About MetaCX

MetaCX is a business networking application that provides a neutral third-party space for companies to collaborate. MetaCX provides an invite-only, persistent, shared, and secure space called a "bridge." On the bridge, companies define value through desired outcomes, manage their outcomes with action plans, and measure their success via metrics. MetaCX has approximately fifty employees (as of July, 2022).

Cybersecurity options can be overwhelming.

With the cybersecurity space being so expansive with its abundance of options to chose from, Trava can be a crucial partner, thanks to our broad range of experience. MetaCX identified that they needed help due to the difficulty of knowing how to answer every cybersecurity question from their clients and sometimes struggled to understand whether or not they had all of the information needed to respond appropriately. MetaCX works on building trust with their customers and Trava helps them build that trust by providing the right answers. Trava infuses MetaCX with the confidence that they're responding to their clients appropriately.

We're able to do better than our best with Trava.

Katie Kaupke
Director of Security and Infrastructure,

Q: At what point did you realize that you needed help with your cyber risk management?

Typical of a startup, people wear a lot of hats, and over the last year, I was managing one of the engineering teams and was the system admin on most of our 3rd party apps, in addition to maintaining relationships with the 3rd party providers. I have a lot of domain knowledge of the MetaCX platform and had no time to build out our security program. Being able to reach out in #slack to Trava to ask specific questions has saved time, money, and so much stress.

Q: How does Trava help MetaCX focus on your cyber risk management?

For where we are right now and the things that are most important for us and even in the specific corner of the industry that we're in, we're able to go to Trava and understand which pieces of this [cybersecurity risk management] are actually the most important, which tool really is the most important for what we are trying to achieve.

Developing a cybersecurity solution can be overwhelming. In the broad spectrum of options around security and compliance, Trava has really helped MetaCX focus on the most appropriate resources.

So not only does Trava help MetaCX build out their cyber program, Trava guides MetaCX to focus in on what are the most important things and what will benefit their customers the most.


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