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AIS Partners with Trava to Expand Client Services and Book More Business

by Trava, Cyber Risk Management

Learn how Trava helped AIS expand their client service offerings and increase sales opportunities by 20%.


AIS was founded on the belief that making enterprise-level technology solutions and best practices accessible to small and medium-sized businesses can significantly impact their success. AIS brings a wide range of enterprise innovations—including design, architecture, governance, and security solutions—to small and mid-market clients so they can leverage advanced technology in their own organizations.


AIS takes a client-first approach to business. Specific client needs drive the company’s strategic response and service offerings. When one client needed to achieve SOC2certification, a key requirement was an in-depth vulnerability assessment. The AIS team already had a vulnerability scanning tool in place, but the existing tool generated results that were overwhelming, difficult to interpret, and not very actionable.

To help their client navigate theSOC2 review process, AIS needed a way to cut through the noise of thousands of identified vulnerabilities—a simplified solution that could provide useful insights and neutral third-party validation of AIS’s recommendations.

Partnering with trava has widened the market for AIS, allowing us to land new clients and increase revenue opportunities with existing clients by 20%.

Lamont Hatcher


Through their partnership with Trava, the AIS team gained access to Trava’s cyber risk assessment platform. Their subscription to the Advanced-level software provided unlimited scans for their clients(including the one that needed help with SOC2certification) and included the following scan types:

  • External
  • Certificate
  • Dark web
  • Cloud
  • Microsoft 365
  • Web application
  • Endpoint agent

In addition to vulnerability scanning capabilities, Trava also provided access to aCyber Maturity Survey and a free insurance review for clients interested in adding or enhancing a cyber insurance policy.

In concert with the existing tools in their cybersecurity suite, AIS used Trava’s platform to pare down technical vulnerability scan reports from thousands of results (many that were not priorities) to hundreds, all with specific recommendations and insights on how to fix the issues.

With streamlined results, AIS was able to improve the turnaround time and quality of their client-facing POAM (plan of actions and milestones) documents, allowing them to help their clients better protect their businesses—sooner.

Furthermore, by generating white labeled reports for both technical and executive audiences directly from the Trava platform,AIS could offer neutral, third-party validation for their cyber risk mitigation advice, while enhancing their position as a trusted partner to their clients.


With all the necessary controls in place, AIS’s client succeeded in achieving SOC2 certification. As a result of the vulnerability assessment phase of the process, AIS uncovered several additional ways to provide value to the client, all with the potential for increased revenue. After using Trava’s platform to assess vulnerabilities on a few additional clients, AIS saw a 20% increase in expansion opportunities from their established accounts.As AIS learned how simple and versatile Trava’s risk assessment platform was, they began using it to acquire new customers in addition to expanding their footprint with existing ones. Trava’s unique combination of scanning depth and breadth created new opportunities and facilitated effective sales conversations that AIS had not previously been able to secure. In the first few months of our partnership, AIS gained two new clients.For all of AIS’s clients, the insights generated by Trava’s risk assessment platform provided a clearer vision for how to move forward on their journeys toward better cyber maturity and stronger protection from cyber threats.


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