Why Vulnerability Management Helps Defend Against Cyber Attacks

by Trava, Cyber Risk Management

Learn why utilizing vulnerability management tools puts you a step ahead of bad actors.

Vulnerability management is the process of proactively uncovering internal weaknesses within an organization. Performing vulnerability assessments using vulnerability management tools goes a long way towards mitigating threats and empowering companies to better defend themselves against cyber attacks.

What is the Difference Between Vulnerability Management and Vulnerability Assessment?

Businesses that invest in proactively discovering weaknesses through vulnerability management are bolstering their security posture in a big way. However, it’s important to understand the difference between vulnerability management and vulnerability assessment because, while both have value, they aren’t the same.

  • Vulnerability management. This process is ongoing and involves several components to help businesses locate potentially problematic areas and fix them.
  • Vulnerability assessment. This process is different in the fact that it is a one-time evaluation and needs to be reinitiated when necessary; it’s a component of the comprehensive vulnerability management process.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the important defensive approaches the vulnerability management lifecycle involves.

Prevents Entry Points

Cyber criminals are persistent when it comes to hacking into business networks and systems. Since, by design, vulnerability management tools actively find security holes, this helps businesses close those entry points and make it harder for the bad guys to enter.

Prioritizes Risks

Fixing every single vulnerability is next to impossible, but taking action against the largest risks is a good preventative strategy. Many vulnerability management tools don’t just find security weaknesses, they prioritize them so businesses can focus efforts on the most probable and dangerous vulnerabilities.

Performs Consistent Vulnerability Remediation

Running vulnerability management tools isn’t just to identify problems as a one and done, it’s a continuous process to find weaknesses. As the tools discover weaknesses, they enable ongoing scanning and remediation, which protects a business from potential attacks, coding bugs, or other technological flaws.

A comprehensive vulnerability management program helps you gain an advantage over cyber criminals and empowers your company to prevent data breaches. It’s helpful to perform a vulnerability management tools comparison to have an idea of what you need. Businesses today face many security threats, but if you proactively work to stay a step ahead of threat actors using vulnerability management tools, it goes a long way towards strengthening your company’s defenses.

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