Part 1 of this blog series highlighted the first of our favorite hot takes from 2021, as heard at Trava’s live cybersecurity awareness event in October.

Part 2 features the next few—from the voice of the customer.

4. How important is a blue blazer to your cybersecurity plan? 

If you consider this photo—taken after our half-day cybersecurity awareness event on October 26 and featuring (from left) Trava’s Ryan Dunn, Jim Goldman, and Rob Beeler with (inset) Trava customer Cody Rivers, AIS—it’s pretty important!

But seriously, while it makes for a great photo opp, wearing a blue blazer is not important when it comes to cybersecurity. What is important, however, is choosing a cyber risk management program that’s right for your business. Just like Rob will not wear the same size blazer as Jim, what one business needs to do to protect its data may not be appropriate for another business. In his conversation with Cody, they agree that every need is different. Watch the video segment.

5. Build a culture focused on what is best for the customer. 

Ben Jacobs from Encamp advises that if you approach everything with what is best for the customer—protecting their data—and what is best for the business—protecting your assets—it results in a commitment to a comprehensive cyber risk management program.

Remember our mantra: First, understand where you are at risk. Then mitigate risk by addressing the areas of greatest severity. And transfer residual risk with cyber insurance to protect your assets.

6. Don’t die in procurement. 

If you are a high-growth SaaS start-up trying to earn enterprise business, you’ve likely been asked to complete a security questionnaire or comply with the SOC2 or ISO 27001 framework. It happened to Encamp.

While Encamp was bidding to land their first enterprise customer contract, the potential customer requested a cyber risk analysis of Encamp’s digital environment. The problem—Encamp didn’t have a formal cybersecurity risk management program in place, nor did they have the time and resources to develop one on their own.

Trava helped Encamp uncover some key risk management gaps and create a detailed cyber risk report and prioritized action plan. And as a result, they landed their first enterprise customer. (You can read the full case study here.)

Ben Jacobs at Encamp reminds us that when you speak convincingly and authentically to prove your cybersecurity programs are in place, it gets you past the gatekeeper.

We’ll conclude this series with Part 3 where we’ll release our next three important cybersecurity hot takes from 2021.