Trava Day of Service: Celebrating Our Company By Giving Back To Our Communities

by Trava, Cyber Risk Management

Rather than throw a party on the day of our founding, the company closes to give back!

May 18, 2020 – the day of our founding. CEO Jim Goldman and CTO Rob Beeler became the first two employees of Trava on that day. From day one, Trava has set out to protect small and midsize businesses from the potential damage of cyber threats.

“But as noble as that mission is, Trava is actually about more. We are about making a positive difference in our communities in any way possible.”

Jim Goldman
CEO & Co-Founder,

This is why, rather than throw a party on the day of our founding in 2021, the company closed for the first annual Trava Day of Service. During the day of service, the Trava team is given a paid day off to go out and do something meaningful in their communities—something they’re passionate about—by volunteering.

In 2021, our distributed team volunteered in food banks, homeless shelter donation centers, and community parks.

Trava CEO & Co-Founder, Jim Goldman, at Wheeler Mission in Indianapolis in 2021.

The Trava Day of Service 2022 continued with the tradition of volunteering at food banks, donation centers, and parks, but also added museums to the roster.

"The Fishers AgriPark was a perfect volunteering spot for me because it’s a hidden gem in my community that I like to support. It’s a working, family-friendly farm that’s open to the public, complete with a U-pick. And it has chickens and cows!"

Josh Hurst
Director of Engineering,

Find out where the Team volunteered in 2022 below.

Trava Day of Service is one tradition our entire team is behind. We can't wait to see how our team continues to give back to their communities.

We can only bring our very best to work when we first take care of ourselves, our families, and our communities.


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