As insurance agents, we’re always looking for ways to show our clients and prospects why we’re different. In a world that views insurance as a commodity (even though it isn't) it is absolutely paramount to set a differentiating standard if you want to survive in this business.

Trava is all about improving your customer’s security posture. So how does Trava empower its agents to win new business and stand out from the competition?

1. No more last minute renewal requests

Let’s be honest, 99% of us (insurance agents) don’t know what an “open port 80” is or didn’t know what “EDR” was until 2 years ago (it stands for Endpoint Detection and Response if you’re still unsure). We’re insurance agents, not cybersecurity experts.

Insurance agents need to be seen as experts in all situations, but you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re delivering your client last minute news on a new cybersecurity requirement which you don’t know much about.

So what if we could remove this? Well, agents using the Trava Broker Management Platform are doing so—delivering a report 6,5,4 months prior to renewal to give their client’s insurability before submitting to the carrier. That's a game changer!

2. Eliminates PDF applications

Does this sound familiar?

“Hey Client, please fill out this 14 page application in hopes that we will receive a cyber insurance quote that you may or may not be able to afford this year?


Agent X”

I remember when I was an agent it would make me cringe sending an email out with a massive amount of paperwork, and being helpless in the process. What if you could be the agent that didn't drop a bunch of paperwork on their clients’ desks? Wouldn’t that set you apart from the rest?

By working with Trava, your client, their IT staff and you will all share the same quoting environment. Empowering everyone to do what they’re good at.

3. Improve risk management capabilities

Showing your clients why you are different is vital to surviving in this industry. Just like you would provide compliance and risk management assistance on auto fleet risk management strategies, you can now provide for their cyber security posture. Which is arguably the most important piece to making sure your client is secured! Isn’t that the whole point of our job?

We only have so many touch points with our clients throughout the year (Avg. 4 a year). If we aren’t leveraging every touch point to show how excellent we are as agents we are at risk of losing that client.


At Trava we are here to empower our agents and improve your conversations with your clients surrounding cybersecurity and cyber insurance. There are many more benefits to working with Trava. Our approach to cyber insurance is different. Trava understands that your business is unique and your coverage should be as well. Contact us to get started today!