Data Loss Prevention Tools

Data loss prevention (DLP) can help your company out.

Data loss prevention (DLP) can help your company out.

Data loss can be crippling for companies. If sensitive data is lost or leaked through a data breach or destroyed unwillingly, it can cause the public to see your business as less legitimate or trustworthy. Fortunately, data loss prevention (DLP) can help your company out. There are data loss prevention tools from DLP vendors that can protect your data from being lost or mishandled. Using the best DLP software can improve your company’s data loss prevention policy, making it far less likely for malicious outsiders to obtain your sensitive information.

When it comes to data loss prevention tools, there are various types that can target specific needs and risks. For example, a DLP antivirus software can lower the chances of viruses attacking your systems. Certain DLP solutions can also help you stay compliant while devising your cybersecurity plan.

Trava is a company that offers data loss prevention solutions to companies that want to enjoy improved cybersecurity measures. Cyber risk management can be complicated, but it does not have to be with the help of Trava Security.

Trava was founded in the beginning by a former FBI cyber crimes task force officer with plenty of real cybersecurity experience and a data backup software engineer. Trava Security combines risk assessment, vCISO insights, and insurance into one.

Trava Security provides businesses with a selection of cyber protection packages as well as useful premium resources. These packages may be able to provide you with a tailored cybersecurity risk management strategy.

Small and medium-sized businesses in particular can take advantage of what Trava Security offers to improve their business’ data security. The single Trava risk management and data protection platform makes it all convenient and easy to access.

Understanding your cyber risk through risk reports and action recommendations is something that Trava Security seeks to help businesses with. Trava Security generates enhanced insights through surveys, creates action recommendations for you, and helps you with prioritizing what is the most critical.

In addition, Trava Security allows you to have unlimited access to risk assessment surveys that help your business thrive in a landscape of countless cyber threats.

Secure for the known, insure for the unknown

Your destination may be achieving compliance in industry certifications such as SOC2 or ISO27001, but it doesn’t stop there. With Trava, our modern tools can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be by giving you the control to assess your risk, repair the most vulnerable areas, and transfer risk through insurance.

DLP Tools

Cybersecurity risks are a serious problem to businesses today, whether you are a big or small business. If data is stolen, breached, or lost, it can impede your company’s productivity and make your employees’ job more difficult.

Fortunately, DLP tools are a great way to improve your cybersecurity throughout your company. They can help your organization strengthen parts that are vulnerable, uncover insights that can help you take action, and give you meaningful counsel.

There are many options that exist in the market today. You may have heard of AWS Security Hub (also known as DLP on AWS) or Azure data loss prevention solutions. Using DLP tools to improve your cybersecurity measures and reduce the chances of your data being stolen or breached can help businesses operate more efficiently and productively, without worrying about their routines being interrupted or compromised due to cybersecurity risks.

Cybersecurity risks can come in many forms. There are many malicious threats that may be constantly targeting your organization. Data breaches can negatively impact your business reputation and customer loyalty. Customers and other businesses who see that their data has been compromised due to transactions with you are likely to see your business as less trustworthy.

Cybersecurity risks can negatively affect your revenue, productivity, and more. DLP tools exist to create a protective sphere around your business so that you can more easily prevent and bounce back from any cyber risk setbacks.

There are data loss protection tools that can help SaaS companies track and improve their cyber maturity and security. Trava is one of them and can offer you many solutions to your cybersecurity risks and concerns. Trava Security may be able to offer actionable recommendations and insights into your business's cybersecurity plan and strategy. If your business is looking for a convenient platform with insurance, cybersecurity, and compliance capabilities all in one, you can let Trava help your business out.

Free Data Loss Prevention Tools

There are free data loss prevention tools that exist. Retail loss prevention software and other kinds of data loss prevention software are all ever important as cyberattacks continue to ravage companies’ technological use and sensitive information databases.

MyDLP is an example of a data loss prevention option that was once released as free DLP software. However, using free data loss prevention tools and solutions can’t typically protect you from all the cyber risks that a high-quality DLP tool can. This is because free data loss prevention software may not stay up to date with the latest cyber risks and allow certain threats to fall through the cracks of the protection.

Meanwhile, Trava enables businesses to operate more securely, with less worry about cybersecurity risks. Growth-oriented companies in particular can benefit from Trava's data loss and cybersecurity solutions. Your financial assets can become more secure, your cyber risk reduced, and your overall control over your business can significantly improve.

Trava is able to assess your business for where it is most vulnerable. Vulnerabilities are often targeted by malicious actors who may want to steal sensitive data to sell, leak, or use for their own corporations.

The way that Trava works is that its assessment platform can extensively scan your technical environments through detailed surveys and simulations. These phishing simulations can mimic real attacks, and their results can reveal to you where certain vulnerabilities exist (whether in your cybersecurity measures or in your people themselves). After receiving these continuous reports, you may be able to adapt your business and improve your cybersecurity measures.

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Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention is an important part of businesses that hold sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, emails, trade secrets, and more. One example that you know of is Symantec data loss prevention. If you examine Symantec DLP agent and Symantec DLP architecture, you can see how a typical data loss prevention solution or platform assists businesses in improving their cyber risk management.

Other cyber threats include cyber extortion, social engineering, business interruption, liability implications, and high-risk viruses. These are all things that a cybersecurity solution may be able to help your business tackle. By boosting your cybersecurity effectiveness, your business may see far fewer interruptions and be more protected from risks across the board.

Trava helps organizations, including SaaS companies, improve their cybersecurity measures. It provides businesses with helpful assessments and vulnerability scan options.

These vulnerability scans can provide you with insights into external infrastructure, certificate, cloud, Microsoft 365, internal network, WordPress, and the Dark Web. In addition, there are also several Trava risk assessment surveys that are available to Trava clients. These include surveys for Critical Controls (based on NIST CSF) and CISv8. As Trava continuously evolves and improves upon its cybersecurity solutions, more surveys will be coming soon.

Phishing simulations are another way to test your organization’s cyber risk. Trava offers phishing simulations for ADP, Google, as well as Microsoft for your convenience and security.

Best Data Loss Prevention Software

There are several ways you can go through finding the best data loss prevention software. One of the methods is to look at reviews for data loss prevention, G2 for example. These reviews and DLP vendors list options can help you identify key data loss prevention products and better understand what is currently on the data loss prevention market that may be able to help your business protect your data.

There are various things you should look for in data loss prevention software for your company. First, can the software stay aligned with your interests even as your company scales and grows? Second, can the software reliably prevent data loss and simulate real types of cyber attacks that may make your business vulnerable?

Trava Security can provide you with risk assessment tools such as surveys, vulnerability scans for what your organization uses and needs, and phishing simulations so your vulnerabilities can be uncovered.

Once these vulnerabilities are found and understood, Trava can provide you with tailored advice on what to do next. These recommendations may be able to improve your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture and help you prioritize action steps that are most important to your cybersecurity plan.

In addition to data loss prevention capabilities, Trava may also be able to offer you full-service compliance management and audit preparation. Maintaining compliance is important when running a business, and building audits is an integral part of it as well.

If you’re a large enterprise, chances are there are vulnerabilities in places you weren’t even aware of. Trava’s mission is to improve your cybersecurity and grow your business along the way. Trava’s enterprise risk management and cyber due diligence are great for organizations that want to strengthen their cybersecurity strategy.