Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Software

Cybersecurity risk assessment software serves a number of purposes for small businesses.

Cybersecurity risk assessment software serves a number of purposes for small businesses.

Cyber threats are one of the greatest threats to the livelihood of small businesses today, and cyber attackers can be incessant. In fact, small businesses were the target of 43% of data breaches in 2019, and the threat is growing every year. But just because attackers won’t let up easily doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for your business to protect against enemies.

Thankfully, there is a way to mitigate the damage done to small and large businesses by cyber threats, and sometimes prevent it altogether: performing a thorough cybersecurity risk assessment for your business. This is made even simpler when you use cybersecurity risk assessment software, which simplifies your cybersecurity strategy and helps you visualize all aspects of your approach.

Cybersecurity risk assessment software serves a number of purposes for small businesses, allowing you to better protect your business, your employees, and your customers. If you’re determined to keep your business safe using the most up-to-date practices, performing a cybersecurity risk assessment using software is a necessity.

Risk assessment software can create a cybersecurity risk assessment matrix for you, allowing you to identify the risks targeting your organization, assess the severity of those risks, and prepare for potential future cyberattacks. Risk assessment software can also make writing risk assessments easier; with IT risk assessment templates, you won’t need to start from scratch. By helping you create a cyber risk assessment framework, you’ll also have a way to inform both your IT department and other employees about potential cyber threats as well as how to avoid them.

Cybersecurity risk assessment software is a modern necessity for keeping your business safe, from your own assets to your employees and customers. Read on to learn about the benefits of risk management software for small businesses, and how you can use cybersecurity risk management software to protect your company.

Secure for the known, insure for the unknown

Your destination may be achieving compliance in industry certifications such as SOC2 or ISO27001, but it doesn’t stop there. With Trava, our modern tools can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be by giving you the control to assess your risk, repair the most vulnerable areas, and transfer risk through insurance.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Template

Writing a risk assessment involves identifying your business’ potential vulnerabilities to cyberthreats and cyberattacks. It should also describe plans to address those vulnerabilities, both making an effort to mitigate any risks before damage occurs and outlining a plan in case an incident ever does happen. A good risk assessment is thorough, and it is necessary in order to ensure you, your team, and your customers are protected.

Using a cybersecurity risk assessment template can make it easier for you to write up a cybersecurity risk assessment, no matter your industry. OSHA risk assessment templates help identify risks, as well as recognize those risks’ severity and how to handle them. If you've never written a risk assessment before, a template can serve as a helpful guide. On the other hand, if you write risk assessments often, a template can help you ensure you’ve checked all of the boxes each time you perform an assessment and make certain you have not forgotten anything.

When searching for a cyber risk assessment template, be sure to choose one that is relevant to your industry, as different industries have unique cyber risks and thus require different templates. For example, an education company should choose an education cyber risk assessment template , while a retail store will want to look for a retail risk assessment template.

There are IT security risk assessment templates of all kinds on the internet, so take some time to find one that perfectly fits your business’ needs. If your business is part of a small niche, it’s even more important to find a relevant cyber risk assessment template so you can cover all of your bases. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you can create a safe, healthy workplace for you and everyone in your company, and that you attend to any issues long before they become unsolvable huge problems.

Cyber Risk Management Software

Cyber risk management software programs help small businesses identify cyber risks, as well as help them understand how to address them. As such, cyber risk management software programs should play a key role in all small business’ cyber risk management strategies.

Cyber risk management software can complete tasks such as scanning for vulnerabilities, mitigating threats, and offering you solutions for future protection. They may also provide services like risk assessment surveys, like Trava’s Critical Controls (based on the NIST CSF) which provide a framework which business owners can use to determine vulnerabilities. By completing critical cybersecurity tasks for businesses or helping businesses complete them more easily, cyber risk management software modernizes and streamlines enterprises’ cyber risk management strategies.

Large-scale businesses should turn to enterprise risk management software, a specialized category of software that pertains to enterprises’ unique risk management needs. Using enterprise risk management software, large businesses can organize and prioritize threats while identifying a strong plan of action against them.

You can find some risk management software free on the web, but most quality software comes at a price, whether it’s a monthly subscription or a flat free. Still, you should be able to test out a demo of most risk management software programs for free.

For a more comprehensive cyber risk management software platform, you’ll need to look into reputable risk management software vendors like Trava. Trava provides various solutions in the cyber risk management software field, offering vulnerability scans, risk assessment surveys, phishing simulations, and other tools you need to keep your business safe and protected from cyber crime.

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Cyber Risk Management Platform

Cyber risk management platforms are platforms that essentially act as the home base for your company’s cyber risk management strategy. Cyber risk management platforms are one of the most powerful cyber risk management tools in any company’s toolbox, as they provide a place where business owners can manage all of the data that pertains to their cybersecurity in one place. Cyber risk management platforms help you put your IT risk management framework into place and keep all of your tools organized in one platform.

With more businesses utilizing web-based services for operations, it’s important to keep cyber vendor risk management strategies at the forefront of your security priorities. Third-party applications open the door for hackers to gain easy access to sensitive information. This is especially true when the third-party vendor doesn’t keep up on its own security.

There are various cyber vendors of risk management platforms, from Gartner risk management to Trava. Choosing a cyber risk management platform for your business depends on your industry, how large your business is, and what tools you are currently using in your company to mitigate and assess cyber risks. The best platforms, like Trava, integrate multiple services and tools into one useful platform.

Cyber Risk Assessment

A cyber risk assessment gives your organization an opportunity to identify potential cyberthreats, and to identify which of those cyberthreats should be prioritized. Effectively defending yourself against cyber risks means knowing exactly where your vulnerabilities are, which are most important, and how to address them. In order to do this, cyber risk management software uses a methodology called a cyber risk assessment framework.

A cyber risk assessment framework equips you and your business with proven systems that not only fight against current attackers, but also prevent future threats from wreaking havoc on your business. Risk assessment frameworks can also help you inform your iT department and all other personnel of potential threats and how to prevent them. As you create a cyber risk assessment framework, you’ll also create a risk matrix, which will reveal areas of high, urgent potential threat, as well as areas your business needs to work on but aren’t so pressing.

There are various different cyber risk assessment methodologies, and companies of different types may want or need to follow a certain cyber risk assessment methodology.

Some common cyber risk assessment methodologies include:

You can use Trava’s free cyber risk assessment tool to determine your business’ risk level, and take a look at which areas in which your company needs the most work and support.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, also known as NIST, provides businesses with the NIST Privacy Risk Assessment Methodology (PRAM). By using this tool, you can conduct a NIST cyber risk assessment; when used combined with Trava’s free cyber risk assessment tools, you’ll have a comprehensive picture of where your cybersecurity strategy stands.