Cybersecurity App

A convenient cybersecurity app is an invaluable tool.

Much like Apps in any other industry, apps for cybersecurity are a way to bundle many different programs to protect consumers and businesses against cybersecurity incidents.

The cybersecurity market is expected to reach around $146.30 Billion USD in 2022, according to Statista. This industry includes many different products and services tailored toward offering protection against cyber-attacks, but the most popular of them all may be Cybersecurity Apps.

Much like Apps in any other industry, apps for cyber security are a way to bundle many different programs to protect consumers and businesses against cybersecurity incidents. With all the methods that attackers have today to gain access to systems and data, it is hard for non-specialized individuals to keep up with all these techniques. Therefore, a convenient cybersecurity app is an invaluable tool.

Consumer-level applications represent a large part of the market and browsing any app store or electronics retailer will turn up many different companies offering many different options. Consumer protection is important and presents its own challenges, however, when it comes to larger organizations, the applications of cyber security for business are much more significant and therefore must be much more complex.

For software developers, for instance, application security is an essential part of your protection suite. If you ignore application security through any phases of the software development process, you are liable to face severe business disruption or much worse. This added layer of complexity requires increasingly complex tools, and your goal as a business is to find a cybersecurity provider who can account for the unique threats your business faces.

To help guide you in your discovery process, we want to cover a few different topics in this article today. We will go over cybersecurity tools and what you can expect, a few different cyber security software companies and their offerings, and then finish up by describing a cyber security tools list and going into more detail about antivirus software.

Cybersecurity Tools

The best cybersecurity tools are those that can offer you a variety of protection features at a great price. The market today is filled with a wide range of cybersecurity tools, but you should be wary of which ones you seek out for your personal devices and your business.

Doing a quick search for “cybersecurity tools 2022” will turn up many different companies offering free cybersecurity tools, and these are not always a bad option. For personal devices where you aren’t downloading too many files from unreputable sources, and are following good cybersecurity practices, using free cybersecurity tools to learn about the protections provided is not a bad idea. However, for larger organizations that cannot risk disruptions or data leakage, stronger cybersecurity tools will be needed.

Higher value cybersecurity tools will afford your business higher quality protections and can offer more personalized security than what free plans and lower quality software can provide. For the safety of your business, you should carefully consider your cybersecurity options. We can help provide a breakdown of a few companies and what they can offer you.

Secure for the known, insure for the unknown

Your destination may be achieving compliance in industry certifications such as SOC2 or ISO27001, but it doesn’t stop there. With Trava, our modern tools can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be by giving you the control to assess your risk, repair the most vulnerable areas, and transfer risk through insurance.

Cyber Security Software Companies

There are many cyber security software companies to choose from, but we want to use this time to highlight a few that stand out. If you have already spent time searching for cyber security tools, then you may have come across the names Malwarebytes and Avira.


Malwarebytes is a popular cybersecurity software that you may have already seen featured in a best cyber security software list. This is due to its accessibility, as it is very easy to download and navigate, and they even offer trial options to help you decide if their Malwarebytes premium service is for you. They also separate their product offerings into Personal and Business cybersecurity tools, which offer scalable solutions for cybersecurity.

With all these offerings, you may already be sold on their product, but Avira is another service that has gained some notoriety for its features as well.


A lot of Avira’s popularity may come from its powerful free cybersecurity plan. For consumers and those unsure about their cybersecurity needs, this Avira free download is a great offer for some beginner protections. And after you have spent some time with the free plan, if you feel you enjoy their service and want more coverage, they then offer more powerful paid tools that can scale with your needs.

Avira has a lot in common with Malwarebytes in terms of the protection they are looking to offer, and the choices they allow for consumers and businesses. But, for everything that these cybersecurity programs get right, they are still missing a few features that can provide a truly complete protection package for their partners, and that is what we set out to offer at Trava.

What sets Trava apart

One of the selling points of Malwarebytes, Avira, and other top 10 cyber security software, is what ultimately makes them fall short of offering the strongest possible protection, and that comes from their “in a box” approach. You can purchase their cybersecurity product and subscription, and their application will load up protections on your device. You can contact them for support when some questions pop up, but the personalization features are not really present.

For small and medium-sized businesses, being able to assess the unique risks tied to your business is important, and that is one way that Trava sets ourselves apart from the competition. We want to be able to provide our partners with a personal assessment of their circumstances, and then be able to build holistic approaches to your cybersecurity issues. Now in acknowledging this pursuit, we also need to acknowledge that no approach will be perfect or 100% guaranteed. So, it is possible for even Malwarebytes or Avira to have times where a cybersecurity incident can occur. However, these products are solely focused on preventative measures and are not equipped to face the harsh reality of an unexpected attack.

At Trava, we stand behind our cybersecurity measures, so much so that we also offer insurance in the event that a cybersecurity incident does affect your business. This may be the most significant feature that sets us apart. We work incredibly hard to prepare your business for any cyberattacks, but we also want our partners to rest assured that even if the worst-case scenario happens, we will be there to help.

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Cybersecurity Tools List

Another way you can analyze cyber security software is to understand its cybersecurity tools list. A cybersecurity tools list can help you determine what features this software can offer you that another company cannot. You can also learn about new protection options you were unaware of and figure out if these protections are valuable to your organization.

Many cybersecurity software packages will offer some options for addressing a cybersecurity incident after it has occurred. However, one thing you should place a lot of importance on is cyber security monitoring, so you can see how your chosen software will stay on the lookout for vulnerabilities, and how they aim to PREVENT cybersecurity issues. Popular cybersecurity monitoring tools will include the ability to view abnormal activity in your systems, as well as monitoring network activity for possible intrusions.

Ultimately, your best cybersecurity software option will be the one that can provide the appropriate cyber security software tools for your business and understand the unique challenges that you may face in your position. For some consumers and even some savvy business professionals, this could mean something like open source cybersecurity tools. With open-source cybersecurity tools, you can customize and define your software to fit your needs, though this option does require some decent technical capabilities to use.

If you would like your cyber security software to provide you with peace of mind and individualized protection without the need for technical skill and knowledge, then relying on services like Trava may be the right choice for you.

Antivirus Software

Today, more people are using internet-connected devices than ever before, which means that cybersecurity measures must be stronger and more commonplace than ever before as well. When purchasing a new phone or laptop, you have probably come across bundles that include a free antivirus subscription to help protect your device. You can also find many lists on sites across the internet advertising the “best free antivirus for android 2022”.

Antivirus software has not been this prevalent for very long. This increased awareness of cybersecurity is important for staying ahead of damages caused by cyberattacks, but with every innovation in antivirus software, there are attackers out there looking to make their own leaps forward. Simple antivirus software will be a suitable measure for many consumers, but for businesses and larger organizations, it is important that your cybersecurity initiatives are more varied and substantial.

A service like Trava is here to address such concerns. Developing a multilayered approach to protecting your business against cybersecurity incidents and offering insurance in the event that lapses do occur, is our mission for our partners, and what we believe to be necessary for managing risk in the world of business today.

To help us determine the best approach for your cyber risk, contact us today. Learn more about services, including options such as our vulnerability scanner and try out our risk assessment surveys to see where your business needs protection. Also, visit our case studies resources and learn from past businesses who found success with Trava.