Cybersecurity Awareness for Today's SaaS Companies | The Customer Journey | Part 6

by Jim Goldman, CEO and Co-Founder

Learn why you should start with baseline cybersecurity assessment to understand risk profile.

Watch as Ben Jacobs, VP of Engineering at Encamp, and Cody Rivers, CTO at AIS, talk about:

  • Why they decided to implement a cyber risk management strategy
  • What type of cybersecurity needs drove each to adopt the Trava cyber risk management solution
  • The process from discovery to implementation and what they learned along the way
  • What implementing a comprehensive cyber risk management program has meant to their customers and their respective businesses
  • What they would tell business leaders about the importance of cybersecurity

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At Trava, we recognize the importance of utilizing cybersecurity tools to help bolster cybersecurity for SaaS companies. But as we talk about in this video, there's more to effective cyber risk management and cybersecurity than having a collection of cybersecurity tools at your disposal.

Creating a robust cybersecurity program means taking a close look at your company. Every company has different needs in terms of cybersecurity because different companies have different assets. This all begins with a baseline cybersecurity assessment, during which an expert can help identify potential risks and threats to your company.

Ben Jacobs, VP of Engineering at Encamp, does a good job of highlighting the importance of starting with a baseline cybersecurity assessment. Understanding the size and scope of risks, what kind of assets you need to protect, and the sensitivity of your information is an important part of covering all the cybersecurity gaps you may have as a company. Jacobs talks about his experiences as a customer and how important it is to figure out what you're trying to solve before you invest in cybersecurity tools and services. If you're calling cybersecurity companies to talk about enterprise-level software when you're not eligible like Jacobs was, you'll end up wasting everybody's time.

Think of cybersecurity tools as your tactical response to a strategic initiative. The strategic initiative is your cybersecurity assessment and cyber risk management plan. This response is based on the initiative, so you need to start with a baseline cybersecurity assessment to determine your risk profile. Once you understand your risk profile, you can choose the appropriate tools and services to help you meet your cybersecurity needs, but you should never start with these tools before understanding what your true risk posture is.

A key takeaway from this conversation is that no two risk profiles are identical. It's easy enough to find a list on Google of all the cybersecurity tools you need to protect your company, but there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Copying a template for cybersecurity is like using a workout plan that's designed for someone else; there's a chance it may work for you, but it's not designed for you. A baseline cybersecurity assessment helps you identify what kind of digital risk management software and cybersecurity tools you need to protect your business.

Even if you're following a cybersecurity model that's based off of a proper risk assessment, it's important to do a baseline risk assessment for your company before creating a complete cybersecurity plan.


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