Cybersecurity Awareness for Today's SaaS Companies | The Customer Journey | Part 5

by Jim Goldman, CEO and Co-Founder

SMB leaders, get advice from Encamp's Ben Jacobs about cyber risk management.

Watch as Ben Jacobs, VP of Engineering at Encamp, and Cody Rivers, CTO at AIS, talk about:

  • Why they decided to implement a cyber risk management strategy
  • What type of cybersecurity needs drove each to adopt the Trava cyber risk management solution
  • The process from discovery to implementation and what they learned along the way
  • What implementing a comprehensive cyber risk management program has meant to their customers and their respective businesses
  • What they would tell business leaders about the importance of cybersecurity

For more about Encamp's journey to successful cyber risk management, read the complete case study.

For more about AIS's journey to successful cyber risk management for its clients, read the complete case study.

With the second baseline cyber risk assessment on the horizon for Encamp, Ben Jacobs discusses his journey with cybersecurity for SaaS companies, what he's learned, and what business leaders need to know about cyber risk management.

The two things Jacobs highlights are that

  1. It's difficult to tackle cyber risk assessment and management alone, and
  2. Getting started with cybersecurity early is important.

While entrepreneurs (particularly in the tech space) have a knack for pulling all-nighters and getting things done at the last minute, Jacobs believes that's not an approach you should take with risk management. Risk management is fundamentally different from other projects in the tech space, so getting help from outside experts and starting early is an important part of a thorough cyber risk management strategy.

When it comes to protecting Encamp, Ben Jacobs says that he has "no regrets calling in outside experts." He also talks about how humbling it was to work with a cyber risk management professional and see all the time and little details that go into performing a valuable cyber risk assessment. The insight and attention to detail you get when you work with a company like Trava helps you create the best cyber risk management plan.

For Cody Rivers, CTO at AIS, cyber risk management has a lot to do with the individual industry you're trying to protect. As Rivers puts it, "Everyone has something [that] someone wants." In some industries, that "something" that cybersecurity aims to protect is the information of customers. In other cases, attacks may be focused on causing downtime and asking for ransom money to end that downtime. It's all about figuring out what your company has that an attacker might want, then taking proactive steps to protect important assets and information.

Following a simple process for risk management is important: identify the assets, identify threats and vulnerabilities, then make a plan to protect yourself. Digital risk management software and cybersecurity experts can help you perform a thorough cyber risk assessment, so you're not leaving any vulnerabilities exposed. Effective cybersecurity practices can also save your business time and money and make it easier to get the cyber insurance your company needs.


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