Cybersecurity Awareness for Today's SaaS Companies | The Customer Journey | Part 4

by Jim Goldman, CEO and Co-Founder

What cyber risk management process does AIS walk its customers through? Find out.

Watch as Ben Jacobs, VP of Engineering at Encamp, and Cody Rivers, CTO at AIS, talk about:

  • Why they decided to implement a cyber risk management strategy
  • What type of cybersecurity needs drove each to adopt the Trava cyber risk management solution
  • The process from discovery to implementation and what they learned along the way
  • What implementing a comprehensive cyber risk management program has meant to their customers and their respective businesses
  • What they would tell business leaders about the importance of cybersecurity

For more about Encamp's journey to successful cyber risk management, read the complete case study.

For more about AIS's journey to successful cyber risk management for its clients, read the complete case study.

Cyber risk management is an important part of cybersecurity for SaaS companies in the modern era, even if you're considering investing in cyber insurance in addition to prioritizing risk management. Listen to what Cody Rivers, CTO at AIS, has to say about cyber risk management and how it factors into information security.

Even if you're planning on purchasing cyber insurance, digital risk management software is an essential aspect of getting the right coverage and protecting your company. While purchasing cyber insurance was as simple as answering a few questions about your business years ago, that's changed as cybersecurity for MSPs and cybersecurity threats have become more complex. Many cyber insurance providers require you to complete multiple pages of questions to make sure they aren't taking on too large of a risk, and you're getting the right coverage.

SOC 2 attestation is an important part of securing your company from cyber threats, and it's essentially a requirement for SaaS companies of today. Complying with Systems and Organization Controls for Service Organizations 2, or SOC 2, can help you secure your company as well as the information of any customers that you may be responsible for securing. SOC 2 attestation can also help you remain compliant with other frameworks, such as HIPAA and ISO 27001.

While SOC 2 isn't required by law or regulations, they're a fundamental part of cybersecurity for any software company. While you do have to spend money to achieve SOC 2 attestation, it's relatively low-budget and highly effective. Trava can help you achieve SOC 2 attestation and prepare for an audit with vCISO services.

Trava helps SaaS companies meet the changing demands of cybersecurity for SaaS and bolster cybersecurity. Cyber insurance can help protect your business financially in the event of a cyber attack, but proactive risk management allows you to identify, assess, and mitigate risks before it gets to that point.

Cyber risk management should be a foundational part of the security efforts of any SaaS company. As Cody Rivers, CTO at AIS, said, "It's a first-day conversation for us." As cybersecurity needs evolve and cyber insurance companies change the way they do business, it's important to focus on creating a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.


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