Cybersecurity Awareness for Today's SaaS Companies | The Customer Journey | Part 1

by Jim Goldman, CEO and Co-Founder

Hear from real customers about their journeys to successful cyber risk management.

Watch as Ben Jacobs, VP of Engineering at Encamp, and Cody Rivers, CTO at AIS, talk about:

  • Why they decided to implement a cyber risk management strategy
  • What type of cybersecurity needs drove each to adopt the Trava cyber risk management solution
  • The process from discovery to implementation and what they learned along the way
  • What implementing a comprehensive cyber risk management program has meant to their customers and their respective businesses
  • What they would tell business leaders about the importance of cybersecurity

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In this segment of Trava’s video collection, CEO and co-founder Jim Goldman talks about the customer journey to comprehensive cyber risk management and the benefits of utilizing digital risk management software. Guest Ben Jacobs, VP of Engineering at Encamp, discusses how his company found its way to bettering its security posture.

What Kinds of Events Drive Pursuing a Cyber Risk Management Strategy?

The discussion kicks off with Jim asking Ben the question “How did you get started?” In essence, what event(s) got Encamp to take that first step to talk to Trava about taking action to combat cyber risks? Ben shares a bit of background about Encamp, a software startup that addresses issues businesses face in the environmental compliance space. At the time, Encamp was doing what they thought was right in terms of cybersecurity from a “best practices” perspective. However, there came a day when the small company landed a large prospective customer that asked pointed questions about Encamp’s security posture. They weren't satisfied with the responses.

Moving Towards Stronger Cybersecurity Posture

Ben discusses his moment of clarity when he realized he and his company weren’t fully equipped to manage cybersecurity for SaaS. He shares he was looking up the definitions of security acronyms Encamp’s prospective customer was using in discussions. Furthermore, as he was trying to sort out cybersecurity, it was taking away from other important tasks he needed to manage as an engineer. Encamp ultimately approached Trava asking what they needed to get in place to at least meet the “bare minimum” for this client.

What was Learned from Discovery to Implementation

During the process, Encamp realized they needed to go beyond the bare minimum and not simply pursue a “reactive” cybersecurity posture. From a cybersecurity standpoint, it became clear this client wasn’t a one-off situation and, as a whole, the customer base was turning more upmarket. Encamp decided it wanted a stronger security posture to satisfy its customers.

Jim concludes this segment by revisiting the concept of “negative inertia” and how difficult that first step can be. However, once companies realize the value of cybersecurity for MSPs, and that "first step" hurdle is crossed, most SaaS companies realize how much easier risk management and cybersecurity implementation gets once the initial groundwork is laid out. Over time, the process becomes more natural.

This example illustrates once that first step is taken, it’s far easier for companies to implement an action plan.


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